FS: 1987 Buick Turbo Regal 57.5k miles in BC


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Feb 6, 2004
Putting up my TR for sale due to illness in the family. I no longer have time to enjoy it or give it the attention it "deserves." The car is located in the Pacific North-West region, specifically Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

1987 Buick Regal Turbo. 93,000 original km (58k mi). One of 256 Canadian (metric dash) Turbo Regals.

Dark Red Metallic exterior (special order paint in 1987) with Burgundy interior. Black out (WO2) trim. T-Tops w/ original GM bags. AC, power windows. Remote DS mirror. Manual locks, manual seats, manual PS mirror. OEM fixed mast antenna. Fully carpeted trunk.
Concert Sound II with new front 3.5" (alpine) and rear 4x10 (Delco) speakers (the stock paper cone speakers needed replacement after 25 years of service). For some reason the stock 5.25" speakers I had in the door were p/n 16054454: A 4 Ohm speaker found in other late 80s-early 90s Buicks. With the 10 Ohm 3.5" dash speakers wired in parallel (stock configuration), the deck was subjected to only a 2.85 Ohm load. I kept the stock deck, stock 5.25s and just replacing the in-dash 3.5" speakers with more modern 4 Ohm ones. I rewired the fronts in series so the deck would only have to deal with an 8 Ohm load. The door panels had never been off. I searched for the p/n on this board and it seems it happened to at least 1 other member here. I wonder if they just ran out of 10 Ohms on the assembly line and put in what was on hand....

I purchased it in 2004 from elderly gentleman at 72,000 km. I've only put 20,000 km in it in 10 years. Garaged all its life. Never winter driven. No rust, mechanically excellent. It easily passed the BC provincial safety inspection when I was posted here last summer. Properly repainted (sanded down to metal, all glass removed) in the original colour in 2008 when my car was vandalized. Something got sprayed on it and it ate away at the stock laquer (police suspect it was kids playing with milk+chlorine.) New weatherstripping following the paint job, and the headliner was replaced in 2013 as the stock one was sagging.

The car has the following modifications:
ATR 304 Stainless Steel dual exhaust
Terry Houston 3" 304 Stainless steel dowpipe
TE45A P-trim turbo with .63 PTE ceramic coated exhaust housing
Mark Jackson Stock location stretched intercooler.
SMC alky injection.
Yank Pro-Yank extreme 3400 stall 9.5" lock-up Torque Converter. Posi Lock-Up Clutch w/Kevlar Linings, 6 bolt mounting lugs , lightweight billet cover.
Trans-go shift kit
Eaton limited-slip differential (car was originally a peg-leg)
50 pph injectors chip from Turbo Tweak. Tuned for 91 Octane.
Bilstein shocks
Boost + knock gauge on A-pillar
K&N air intake
Bosch SBQ46 H4 headlights (stock appearing but much better light output than factory sealed beams). 80/100W bulbs with upgraded lighting harness.
ATR rear swaybar
fuel pump + hotwire

Erson 208/208 cam (very mild). Replaced when freshening the engine at 89000 km in 2012. Freshened the engine because the lobes on the stock cam were starting to round. All gaskets and wear items replaced at this time.
Fully ported Iron 8445 heads (done by JB.Racing of Montreal):
Valves 1.71`` Int & 1.55" Ex. S/S Swirl Polished (Speed Pro)
Comp Cam 941 Springs, Retainers and Locks
Flows are +/- 210 Intake / 170 Ex. @ .500"
Teflon Seals and will clear over .600" Lift Cams
Bronze Liners
Magnesium Filled EGR Center Ports
Narrowed Rocker Towers to clear any Type Roller Rockers
S/S O-Rings per Combustion Chamber .040" ( .020" in / .020" out )
SCE Head Gaskets .070" Thick.
They were on Joe's 132mph car for 3 years at 30 psi of boost and never leaked.

T&D shaft mount 1.65 rockers
Buick valve covers
Melling true roller timing chain and sprockets.
Upg oil pump
upg lifters
upg pushrods
modified front cover
RJC rear engine brace
All the engine work was done by JB.Racing from this board.

Several recent parts, including new transmission mount, coil springs, spark plugs, plug wires, OEM ignition module, dew sweeps, AC compressor, battery. The car also has the most important mod of all, a console extender.

I have most of the stock parts to go with the car, except for the stock exhaust. The stock muffler had rusted from the inside out from the original owner's short trips and I just upgraded the whole system.

A nice sleeper. I hate to sell it, but have no time to enjoy it due to an illness in the family. Don`t know how quick it is as I have never taken it to the track (you will easily see there is no rubber on or in the rear quarters.) The car has never had drag radials or slicks, just regular street tires. Currently has nice BF Goodrich G-Force Sport.

No trades.

Photos will be updated shortly.

If someone from the USA is interested, I can meet you in Blaine or Bellingham, WA to facilitate the transaction. Although this is an original Canadian car, it would be easy to import to the USA.

Asking $17,500 US. I can throw in additional parts for forum buyers, such as a progressive SMC kit, LS1 MAF + translator, powerlogger, OEM motor mounts, 3" test pipe (currently has ATR 304SS cat) and whatever other TR parts I have in the garage. Parts are NOT available for sale separately.

Feel free to PM me if you want specific photos. I would be more than happy to pick up an interested buyer at CYQQ or CYVR. Local buyers are welcome to have it inspected and take it for a test drive. I can put the car on a lift for any local buyers.
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