Bose Concert Sound door speakers 4 ohm?


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I thought all the speakers were 10ohm and bought complete replacement set for this, and the door speakers upon removal are 4 ohm, at least what was in the car. If I can go 4 ohm w/door speakers I have a lot more options and will return the 10ohm version. I have the Bose Concert Sound II. Can anyone confirm this? If so, what are recommended door speakers for a stock head unit w/concert sound?


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I had 4 ohm ones in my car too. Same as yours. I replaced them with newer ones and they work fine. I went with some Rockford Fosgate speakers (Bought a GM radio w CD/Bluetooth) but I'm sure there are a lot of options in that size.

I will say my door speakers are quieter than I expected. Not sure if I did something wrong during the install or if that's just how they are. Overall, much better sound than the original units.
The factory concert sound II door speakers are 4 ohm.
When I upgraded my system in the early ’90’s I was surprised to see the door speakers to be 4 ohms.
I replaced the factory stereo with a single DIN Pioneer CD deck and a 1/2 DIN Pioneer EQ so I was looking for more efficient speakers.
The dash speakers were 8 ohm and the rear deck speakers were 10 ohm.
Since the door speakers were 4 ohm I left them, looking back I probably should have replaced them too.