Yes another CSII upgrade question.


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Apr 10, 2022
I've read all the post available on this situation, specifically with the CS II system.
The stock speakers have been replaced with 2 - 4 ohm kenwoods in the dash and 2 - 3 ohm infinity in the door. The rear are 4 ohm 4x6 kickers same size as stock size.
I'm replacing to blown stock head unit with the New York Retro Sound unit. So here is my dilemma. What is the safest and best way to do this without cutting the stock plugs and wires ? I'm almost sure I need to add a smaller 4 channel amp to run the fronts but not sure how to do that without having to cut and splice. Any insight is appreciated. I tested the new speakers with a MM. Front four are @ 2.0 ohms rear two are @ 4 ohms
A professional shop will build an adapter to go between your head unit and the factory harness that splices the amp in without cutting the factory wiring.

You can do the same thing. You put the amp where it makes sense, then run the speaker outputs from the amp back up to the head unit and splice into your adapter, running the factory wiring from the head unit location out to the speakers.

You already know the front speaker dilemma. Measure the actual ohms at the harness plug in the dash and use an amp that's stable at that resistance for those channels. The might mean you can't use a single four channel integrated amp. Maybe you can. You'll have to shop around.

Thank you, I appreciate your response. Since posting this I've started to do exactly what you've laid out. Again thank you guys for the help.