Bought a light blue 87 T, Car arrived today.


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Car was delivered today! 32k original miles, light blue metallic with blackout trim and dark blue interior. Some of you may recognize the pics in this link.

IMG_20140504_133600.jpg IMG_20140504_134410.jpg 5-3-14 007.jpg IMG_20140504_153634.jpg 5-3-14 009.jpg 5-3-14 004 (1).jpg IMG_20140504_153242.jpg
I would sniff the trunk lid but hey, that's just me.:woot: That's a really nice T. Enjoy your ride.
The car is basically stock. Only 1200 miles on it since '07. It's got a scanmaster, gbodyparts 3" downpipe and 3" single shot, fuel pump hotwire, thrasher chip, passenger valve cover breather. The rest is stock and original as far as I can tell except for fresh paint, wheels and tires. Time for some spring cleaning.
Another Twin brother or sister here , Great buy I know you will love it for sure . plus I got the girl with mine , LOL!!!!!!
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