Bowling Green Event??

OK, being fairly new to the GN world I have maybe a dumb question. Is the GS event in BG Ky this October the big event, other than the one at RC's :), that everybody talks about? Who all is going from NC? Clint, you are I assume? Pat? Jim? Others? Heading up when? I'd like to go but don't know if I can swing it.
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Im leaving Wed morning the week of..... Goin to run TAI and the Bracket Race. If you have never been you should give it a go.
Yes the Nationals is THE BIG EVENT. I am going but wont get there until Thursday evening, My drive takes me about 8 hours. Take my advice and attend every event that you can. I don't know the circumstances but I really really really missed RC's event this year. My hat truly goes off to the vendors, racers and spectators that drive the countless hours to get to the few events we have. We used to have another big gathering in Bristol ,TN ( Buicks @ Bristol) and the numbers numbers kept decreasing over the years until that event vanished, a short 3.5 hour ride for me, gone. There was even a little chatter about trying to bring it back but no traction.
(y)Save your money , juggle your schedule, what ever it takes! Just dont leave home on Friday and think that you are going to watch racing all weekend. On Saturday, a lot of folks are packing up an leaving during the final rounds and Sunday it's all gone until next year. Ron
I went last year for my 1st time and I can tell you now I will never miss another as long as they have it , being a Buick fan guru for 30+ years it is a site to see .I like the BB Buicks also so its a win win and get to see all the TurboBuicks meet up and run and have fun . I am leaving Tuesday morning as i like to get a early start and not miss any action for Wed . Last year it rained 2 out of 4 days so you never know what Mother nature has in store for a big event like that so I like to be there for all days just in case . Hope you can make it as you will never see that many Buicks in one place .