Spoolfool bumper fillers available at Cecil and Bowling Green events. 2017


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Apr 4, 2002
Save on shipping.

For those going to the Cecil event, Contact Kirban's Performance to bring you a set.
Denis will have limited room to bring stuff.

For those of us who will be hoping not to get rained out again at Bowling Green, contact the local boys at Boost Crew Motorsports to throw a set of fillers in the tailor.

Note: Don't wait until the last day of these events. Fillers usually sell out.

Spoolfool will be sponsoring four classes at BG this year.
Let's go have some fun...:)
Kirban Update

We have a new order from Mike due in shortly. Here is the deal I will be at Cecil half day friday and only half a day saturday reason is its the wife's 50th high school reunion and they have events both nites. I went to the same school (2 years ahead of her) missed her graduation as I was in Vietnam.

You can save $50 to $60 shipping by calling my office and paying for the fillers.....for free delivery to Cecil. My space is limited as I don;t do huge set ups at events.....nor have the room.

Pay for it in advance and I will bring it to Cecil.