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Aug 27, 2002
With the Rainout that happened in Bowling Green KY last weekend no races were run at all.
I spoke with the sponsors and participants and we have decided to take the money, gift certificates and the headers that were donated and put towards the event in NC May 3-7 .

I have to clear this with Kirbans and Julio as they are the only 2 that I have not been able to speak with.
Update: Julio has agreed to put his money toward the event !

Very big thanks to the following sponsors that have agreed to roll their donations.

SpoolFool 300.00 cash
Turbo Lou. 300.00 cash
Metco Motorsports 250.00 gift cert.
Boost Crew 200.00 and 100.00 gift cert
David Day case of oil
Patrick Broughton 200.00 cash
Fabro Cator ( Coach) set of emblems
Gee M racing (Finland) headers
Julio $500.00 to be split between winner and runner up.

SpoolFool has already stepped up to additionally sponsor this event as has Metco Motorsports and Fabro Cator !!!

Please Patronize the sponsors of our class as they can't do this without our support !!

I will update this thread as more sponsors climb aboard to support the racing class that has the most fun....yes we really are all friends!

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This event is going to be AMAZING!!!
If your on the fence about coming your gonna miss one of FUNNIEST TIMES WE HAVE EVER HAD!!!
Hope to see you all at the RACES!!!
It's gonna be a long winter. First snow of the year should hit tonight. My T is running strong with the force at just 18#'s.
Fab, now has twice as many "Likes" as he does posts. We expect you to keep this ratio going. :D

Welcome back!

Mike B.
Just wanted to say THANKS................to ALL THE GREAT SPONSORS WE HAVE IN OUR FUN LITTLE CLASS!!!!

Cant wit to see you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping to be able to race this year (work and kids stuff take lots of time). This new motor Don Cruz put together, it's way faster than what I had before. Need XFI and I'll run the 45a for all it's worth. I have no doubt it can pickup a second in the 1/4 now that I have a converter that can couple the power.
Hopefully you can make it Jim

I didn't get to run mine long enough to know if it's any faster than before...

Can't wait to run again

Hopefully you can make it Jim

I didn't get to run mine long enough to know if it's any faster than before...

Can't wait to run again

I think the "Walk of Shame" waitress from Waffle House would sponsor a Beer Bong Contest during next years Nats
Bryan she is gonna need her REST!!!

May...........your gonna get a WORK OUT!!!!!

I hope you can make it Jim!!!! Your not gonna wanna MISS THE EXCITIMENT THATS ON TAP!!!
I promise IM GONNA DO MY BEST!!!

We're just gonna have to wait an SEE!!!!

Make your plans NOW!!!