brake issue i need advice on

i have an 87 GN, the issue i have is that when the brakes are first applied there is no brakes until about 2-3 seconds after brake pedal application, it is a very uneasy feeling as you can imagine, but once they begin to work they work well, no brake lights and reservoir is full. any ideas?



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being your car is almost 30yrs old and people change things ..and because and you didnt state what brake system you have we cant assume anything
what brake system is on the car ? powermaster , hydroboost, vacuum or manual

if its a powermaster the reservoir at rest and after key on the motor should be off should and reservoir should have very little fluid in it . only after depressing the pedal 10 times with key off can you determine if the reservoir is properly filled to the mark at the rear corner inside the reservoir
if its filled to the mark with key on and doesn't overflow when key off and depressing pedal have a problem
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sorry for lack of details, the car has the original brakes, so it would be the powermaster setup, and yes the pedal is very hard at first with hardly no response then compresses and brakes begin to work, and pretty decent i might add