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Feb 5, 2004
I went to price a master cylinder today, guy told me it was $775!!!! and their is no rebuild kit sold!!!!any ideas what this is? can someone help me?
I bought PM at Autozone for $149 + core ($50) with a lifetime warranty in Oct/2002. Some say... that they reuse the motor & switch. I can't complain... it was a cheap alternative than buying a brand new GM unit!!!

If you want a Master Cylinder rebuild kit... GM has a kit - Powermaster rebuild kit 18020067 - Has changed to: 18038510 (AC/Delco #18M757)

Rebuild the PM is nice, but i got a new setup from autozone (and yes, they reuse parts) but it's cheap and works out fine.

I only brought mine back 3 times to get a working one ...
Autozone - $ 144 plus $61 core charge. Whole unit with switch, Accumulator, & motor. My 1st one leaked but the second one is perfect so far - 3 weeks. Can't beat it. It's a Cardone rebuild - the same as you will get from anywhere cuz they are the only rebuilders.
Vacuum brakes.I'm all for using an existing functional PM, but when they go bad just be done with them. Check out the article in GMHTP this month.:D