BRF 200 4R Parting out. Make offers

Scott Atk

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May 25, 2001
Basically I took my running transmission to an idiot who didn't know what he was doing and I got it back as a box of parts. I'm willing to cut my losses so if there's anything anyone wants let me know and I can take better pictures or whatever. It's a BRF case (not willing to ship) a BR3 valve body. It has a billet servo, stageright brake, and some of the parts are ART CARR hardened, not billet. Thanks, scott


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Trans was originally built by Len Freeman here in Las Vegas. When Len got out of the game I was forced to find someone else to freshen it up and this is what I got back. I ran a best of 9.79 with it.


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electrical connector

I need the electrical connector from the side of the case.
Give me some offers please. PM if you want. Thanks, scott

It might be hard to ship to dipstick economically but I'll find out
Speedo bullet/capsule

Im needing a speedo bullet since I butchered the threads with a pair of visegrips. Would you do $10 shipped to 73527 and do you have paypal?


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Speedo bullet sold... thanks Russ.

Last call for the rest of this stuff. Lots of tire kickers on this stuff thats about it.
So how much is left out of this? Best bet is to take a pic of what you got left and sell it all together. What parts were hardened?