BstC- not enough range


2 boys now, need more GNs
Hey All,

Full Throttle is at SEMA this week, so looking for some ideas.

I've read through the BstC archives and I've pretty much got mine right except for one thing- it only has about 3psi of range. ie. the lowest position is about 18-19psi and the highest about 21. I understand 6-7 psi is normal. I can move that window up another 2psi (20-23psi range) by manually shortening the wastegate arm, but that's why I bought the BstC :(

All dip switches are UP (off), TPS trigger is set fine, for now I have the Trigger 2 (3rd gear) set to max so it should track trigger 1 setting.

With BstC OFF the chip does about 20psi itself and of course I can increase that manually too.


I run two stock wastegate solenoids with a Y wiring harness that I bought from Mike when I purchased the BoostC. I can adjust my boost from 16-30# of boost from inside the car. I just set the lowest setting with the wastgate rod and let the BoostC do the rest.