DUPLICATE PLEASE DELETE Seeking 9's need 60ft help


Jan 12, 2018
Im trying to hit 9's which would seem easily possible with my setup (shown below). It seems like I should be doing better 60 ft times. The best was only 1.55. It was hot and humid in the 90's which is part of it of course, the temp gauge never got over 195.

The ten passes I made last Friday were all off the trans brake and 2 step. The 2 step is running off the TR6 and is adjustable. I started early runs launching with the 2 step set at about 3800rpm that will get close to 20psi of boost at launch. Each run I raised the rpm range 200 or so all the way up until 4800 which was the highest I got to. I kept expecting it to blow off the tires but it didnt.

Im still learning the car so I cant be positive of the max boost, fuel pressure, or AFR all at once. I try to watch them closely but I havent quite got a system down. Max boost is reading 30psi, launches were good with not much wheel spin, and it pulls hard all the way to finish.

One thing I realized is that I was shifting around 5500 or so and I should have let it run up to about 6100 with the cam I have (I dont know exactly what it is at the moment). That alone may help hit high nines, it just seems that I could be hitting a 1.4 60 ft.

One pass I had a weird code pop up on the edash. It was showing max injector duty cycle. I think it was after bumping off the rev limiter during the burnout, so I cleared it to see if it would return but it didnt. I also got a cam sync error a couple of times.

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. I should be going to an 1/8 track with in a couple weeks. Id like to hit 9's at least once and a 6.3 1/8 before I let her retire for a while.

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109 Full Roller & Gridled. Built by Induction Research out of Shakopee MN. Steel Crank, Diamond Pistons, K1 Rods,
Champion CNC Ported Iron Heads, T&D Roller Rockers.
Champion Ported stock intake
Precision 6466 Billet Ball Bearing Turbo
TR6 Ignition
GN1 Performance headers
GN1 Performance 3 inch down pipe with external gate
RJC Power Plate
Aluminum Radiator using stock fan

Engine Control:
Fast XFI 2.0 with E-Dash tuned by Cal Hartline running on E98 / E85

RJC Mega Front Mount Intercooler

Pypes with 3" cutout cat delete

Extreme Automatics Stage 2 – 200R4 with Electric trans-brake.
PTC 9.5 Non-LU Converter (3800 stall I think)
External Transmission Cooler
Huges Deep Pan
Quick Silver Ratchet Shifter

Rear End:
Quick Performance Ford 9’ – Full spool with 35 spline axels. 3.50 gears
H&R Parts Anti-Sway Bar
UMI Control Arms top and bottom
Rear Control arm bracing
Detroit Speed & Engineering Double adjustable Coil-Overs
3 ½ Inch Aluminon Driveshaft by Denny’s Driveshaft

Frame Notched and extra bracing

Roll Bar/Cage: by GNS Performance

Weld RTS Rims all around with 325/50/15 Hoosier Drag Radials and front skinnies.

Front Suspension: QA1 R single adjustable Coil-Overs

Fuel System:
Aluminum Fuel Cell by Aeromotive With an:
Aeromotive Eliminator in tank pump and
Aeromotive pressure regulator
160lb Injectors
Kenny Bell Boost A Pump
-10 supply lines
-8 Return

Fiberglass bumper fillers front and back
Fiberglass Hood – still have original steel
Fiberglass front bumper – still have original steel