Bud Light anyone?

Genny made with water from the river that flows as fluorescent green as the can it comes in.
Loved the Creme Ale back in collage. :cool:
30 pack wasn't much more than collecting 30 empty cans lol.

Back in 89 I worked at a can redemption store, used to wonder who the fossils were who drank Genesee cream ale, now I know! Discovered glacier bay back then cuz the bottles had built in cap openers on the bottom of each bottle.. got some strange reactions from people walking into the local packy when we'd ask them to buy for us.. "wtf is glacier bay?'

Reminds me of when we were resourceful little kids and a bottle of coke was $.10 from the machine with a .02
deposit if you left the store. All the empties were put in a 24 bottle crates next to the machine so we'd take 5
of them and return them at the checkout to get a full one. We all probably got punished one way or another down the road for
doing such a dastardly thing.

OK, down to business. I have a case of Cream Ale, in bottles from the late 70s! Plus 2 cases of the tall Cream Ale
and Genny Beer glasses. I'll trade someone for a mint GNX!
And don't try to low ball me, I know what I got!!! :ROFLMAO: