Buick 455 idle

Video sound just doesnt do justic to the sound of a cammin big block. I love to hear them!! Good luck Mike:cool:
sweet....makes me miss mine, although that damn thing never ran right either...stuffed it into a 77 regal...i miss that car, and I miss how easy it was to work on that engine....nice job:)
thanks guys iam trying to get it done before schools over it will be nice to get it on the road. Hahah burnout contest last day of school:cool:
What compression is the motor and what is the intended rpm range?
roughly 9.5:1 were gonna run it up to 5000 rpms were spraying it. My dads helping me its one of his old project cars that he wasn't do anything with so i decided to start and now finish it but dont mistake that i dont know anything about it cause really its my car now
What are the specs on the cam?
For 5000RPM and 9.5 compression you could go pretty mild.