Buick Grand National Documentary Film Project


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My name is Andrew Filippone Jr. and I'm a filmmaker from New York City. Over the past several weeks, I've been doing preliminary development work on a documentary film about the Buick Grand National (specifically, the all-black model from 1986 and 1987). It was a car that made a big impression on me as a teenager growing up in Massachusetts, and I've never forgotten it.

I'm now hoping to find Grand National owners in the Northeast region who might be willing to talk to me off-camera (either by phone or e-mail) about their cars and who, if all goes well, might consider being part of the film.

At this point, there's no obligation or commitment. I'm just hoping to talk with some people and hear some stories. If you'd like to take part, please write to: andrew@tellingstory.com.

Thank you...
Thank you Jim - I appreciate your help. I'll write to Jon to introduce myself.

Also, if you think of any other GN owners who are interesting and colorful characters - and if you have the time - I'd love to hear about them.
Greetings Andrew,

I'd be happy to help in any way I can, either putting northeast-area GNX owners in touch with you or providing some content or commentary myself. As you may know, the GNX was a small subset (547) of Grand Nationals with some great (and record-breaking) performance and aesthetic enhancements to make them a bit badder. But they're just as black!

Please drop me an email or PM anytime.

All the best!
dont leave out the t-types and turbo ts alot of people dont even have a clue you could get another color besides black lol

X2,A briefing/segment on the WE4 would save ALOT of explaining on mine and the other 1547 owners,if there are even that many examples left.
Yes,there Were only 1547 WE4/Turbo T's what ever you call them produced.What gives them a "bad" rap is that they don't carry the GN's badging or interior color,but the only color available was black,the usual conception is that they're fakes, clones,or a TType with a black paint job.Can at times be pretty aggravating unless your talking with someone who knows a bit about them.
I think the Limited had 1035 cars made and of course the GNX.
i dont believe that a turbo t has to be black but i know the we4 is black. i believe it was an 87 model turbo option and it was called a turbo t because in 87 you could get a t trim package without a turbo. mine is white
Turbo T replaced the T type name in '87.The WE4 was merely an option on the Turbo T/(T Type).Almost as though they had a boat load of left over parts and brainstormed an option with a color that would sell,for less than the GN.
All in short,regardless of what badge is on the fender,what's under the hood when it left the factory is all that matters.:D