Buick Motorsport Stage II heads and Intake - Chapman ported


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Jul 5, 2004
Slimming down my stash to cut down on crap on the shelves and raise some funds for the new car being delivered here soon.

I have another spare set of heads, by far my best, as well as a nice carbed intake converted to EFI. I don’t need multiple sets of heads or spare intakes, so they are up for sale. Both heads and intake are ported by Chapman Racing Heads, the best out there for stage 2 stuff. Heads are fresh, with 44cc combustion chambers. They are 100% ready to bolt on and run. They have Jesel rocker arms which are far superior to T&D’s. Rockers alone cost $1,400 new.

The intake is super nice as well. Has polished fuel rails, thermostat housing, AN fittings and fuel crossover/feed lines, is ready to bolt on.

If I were to sell separately I would ask $1,700 for the heads and rockers, and $600 for the intake. I would take $2,000 for the whole setup.

Not really interested in trades unless you might have:
Full body bushing kit and bolts
Large FMIC (RJC?)
Spoolfool fillers
GNX style wheels
Racetronix doublepumper
RJC pulleys
NICE GN steering wheel
NICE sun visors









TTT. Can work a deal for damn near a complete motor. Search for my other threads for sale.

I have:
stage ii block
stage ii crank
stage ii front covers
stage ii carb intake, converted to efi
stage ii carb intake
Bump!!! More info on the heads:

Ti retainers and Ti valves. 44cc chambers. (Cc'ed).
.002 guide to stem clearance
2.300 stem ht
2.0 installed ht
225 seat pressure
525 seat pressure @ 1.4
Coil bind at 1.2
Valve face angle 44.5
Positive seals