Buick Parts for Sale


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Stock 86 bare ECM (never tried it but I'll refund minus shipping if its busted)...$50
Stock 86 coil pack (same deal)... $50
Stock crank, water pump, and tensioner pulleys, and accessory bracket with the corner broken off ... $70 (still have the piece, pictures available)
Misc stock stuff from a 4.1... $100
6192 heads complete, balancer, valve covers, flywheel, pushrods, rockers with 2 missing buttons, and anything else I can find that I don't need from it (make and offer on the stuff and I'll seperate)
Bare 8445 heads with some hand port work... $50
Stainless "mid sized" valves from Frankg... $100
72 Buick 455 valve covers, bead blasted, light pitting on one other pretty nice... $40
TA 455 engine rebuild kit... $60
all but intake valley pan gaskets, bearings, and not sure whatelse, I'll check the box if you want to know exactly what is in there.
Crower Solid Roller Stage II race lifters and 3/8" pushrods for stage block and heads... $100
New universal timing cover with casting flash cleaned up and most of the moldlines ground down. Installed new waterpump, complete partially assembled oilpump, standard volume with springs. New Neoprene front main seal... $175(I'll even paint it for you if you like)

Trade Items Wanted: Billet Al (not stainless) thermostat housing, TTA style vacuum block, breathers for Poston valve covers, 70mm Percision Plenum and throttlebody, RJC powerplate for stock upper.
All items do not include shipping, buyer pays actual shipping to the nearest dollar or may pick up in person. Photos available upon request.