buick parts


Tso Racing 2010
May 23, 2001
max effort r mass airless chip with computer and a spare computer already modded a few chips for 96 lb injectors a great set up we ran 9.35@146 with a stock 109 motor with this set up and it rocks 800 obo 2 scanmasters 150 each

which scanmaster is this? the 2.1? does it come with everything needed to install it including instructions? got a pic?

thx for the info
i believe its a the earlier version 2.0 maybe idk there in good but used shape i have one sold already i have to deliver it tomorow bert has first shot at it if he wants it Laz
ok let me know if he falls through and i just to be sure it comes with everything right? ready to install?

maxeffort chip

is this the 16 position, if so let me know how much your asking
how much. I'm looking for one for 83 lbs. so I will have to reprogram.