Buick Turbo V6 powered Triumph TR7 (ugly duckling project / cheese wedge car thing)

RCR Roscoe

do de do
Apr 4, 2009
Picked this gem up in a trade. its a 1980 triumph tr7 with a motor from a 1980 buick regal t-type. the motor seems to be pretty solid but the hacked up exhaust was not holding together. the guy i got it from had these aftermarket headers reworked so they fit in this car but as you can tell there is work left to be done. i have some of the stuff in the works: flange adapter for the turbo (t4) stock manifold & efi bits, megasquirt, etc. plan is to convert to efi and run the piss outta the thing. after a tire and uhhh brake "upgrade" ofcourse :cool:







It even came with junk in the trunk

A few parts i already have that can be used on this project. saginaw 4 speed manual trans w/hurst shifter, fuel cell, p-trim t4 turbo, good sized intercooler, and some plug wires & coil.




Cool TR7- Type! you going to SFI it?

thats the plan. just needa source the intake manifold, plenum, throttle body, fuel rail.... etc. ive got some injectors, megasquirt other misc efi stuff needed for the job. just need the buick specific stuff! i have a post in the parts wanted section. hopefully itl work out!
many of the parts i need have been sourced from a board member, woohoo! also not that its that much different, turns out looks like the motor is from an 81 not an 80. but yea whatevs!

Also, i just realized i overlooked the hybrids section, any chance i can get a mod to move this thread there? :)
back in the late 80's a good friend of mine did the same thing to his TR7. When it was done it kept tweaking different areas of the frame. Needless to say, his welding got better by the week. It was a blast to drive. Good luck.
that is in fact alicense plate, i am going to give some attention to the floor this week. theres some rus tin a few places of concern.

is this the same "crazy scott" who had the subies back in the day and whatnot? if so havent seen you in a LONG time.

i dont expect this car to take too terribly well to the swap but at the same time im not going for monster power either. its pretty much a dethtrap pretzel in training!