Build my TH400


No longer a Buick guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello Everyone,

What I mean is I have a TH400 in my buick right know that needs to be rebuilt and I don't know how I should build it, so I figure I would tell you what I want out of it and let you tell me what I need in it. So here we go,
I want it to be streetable, I want it to be able to do 70mph on the highway without it screaming at 3500 rpms the whole time. I want to get into the low 10s without worring about it going boom. So what do you think?
Also I think it was PAE that I read about changing the gear ratio's in the 400's to match the 200r4's gear ratio is that needed or just somthing people like to do?
What I'm really looking for is what to tell the trans shop when I get my tranny rebuilt, I'm not looking for info on how to do it myself. I already have a 400 it just needs to be rebuilt and I just want to do it right. I would love to beable to ship it of to one of the guys on the forum but it would end up costing me to much to ship it both ways and get it rebuilt.

So guys give me a list of what to tell my tranny guy to do.