Bullet muffler on a short down pipe?


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Jul 28, 2003
I am wondering how loud it would be compared to a full exhaust. Im am runing a hybrid 3.8 in a nova and might just put a 90 off the turbo into a flow through muffler and turn down by the rear of the front tire. To loud for the street??? Its a strip-street car. Oh I plan to use 3.5 pipe.
I think that would be too loud for a street car... i heard a supposed 9 sec GN at a show last year with a Borla XR-1 put on the downpipe and it sounded like a friggin top fuel dragster... i have a pair of the Dynomax bullets on my ATR 2.5" duals and it sounds awesome! Fairly quiet inside the car too
do you want a bullet muffler with the 4 bolt cat flange on it, I will sell it cheap!
Would there be a better choice for a muffler that would mellow that short of an exhaust? I definatly want a flow through type mufller.
I'd say a Dynomax Ultra Flo muffler would be the best bet. There the quietist i've heard. Not the oval or round ones but the regualr muffler looking ones. They are also a straight thru design and flow great