Bumble Bee GN

hahahaha i cant believe that but that is actually my friends gn,
i dont understand who wrote up the specs on it lol, but actually that car wasn't for sale until a lil bit ago my friend who owned unfortunaly passed away due to a motorcycle accident a year ago and his mother needs the money, and the reason why some things are yellow is because down the line he wanted the car yellow and the shifter knob they have because i gave mine up since i have a racing shifter in mine lol iam in shock that this car is on e-bay lol
It says TKAYCARsales ? they also sold a 1968 Rambler and a Nextel phone ? And the rambler is in the same spot as the GN picture
I dont know about no tkay car sales but i do know that gn it has the gnx dual exahuaust and those yellow valve covers are distinct he did that with spray paint lol
The Engine was Completely rebuilt, Fully plished milled heads

Hmmmm, those plished heads should flow great. :rolleyes:

Port and Polished Mana fold

Is that different than a Center fold?

Front mount inter cooler

This one's so big that they had to make it 2 words.

Adjustable Turbo Boost forged Turbo Piston

How do you adjust boost with your pistons? Is this better than my Racegate? :D

10inch. Steal Converter

Allright, who recently had their converter stolen? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Man, this poor car just screams Rice...:(

And where the hell are the headrests? They're probably duct taped to the front seats of an Accord somewhere.

Hopefully BabyBlaz will take care of it. ;)