Bunch of aftermarket performance parts. SOLD!!!


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Nov 12, 2012
1) GN1 polished plenum with matching 72 mm throttle body and vacuum block. (Never used) $495 SOLD!!!

2) Billet polished EGR block off (Mounted but never used) $12 SOLD!!!

3) Champion fuel rails for stock intake with fuel reg in stock location. (Never used) $225 SOLD!!!

4) Accufab fuel regulator. (Never used) $105 SOLD!!!

5) Racetronix fuel injector harness with hot wire relay. (Never used) $80 SOLD!!!

6) Champion billet polished alternator/ power steering bracket. (Never used) $225 SOLD!!!

9) H&R parts n stuff motor mounts both sides. (Never used) $225 SOLD!!!

10) Precision 6266 turbo with ported S cover and high pressure act. (Never used) $1000 SOLD!!!

11) Precision front mount intercooler w/ piping. Used $600 SOLD!!!

13) GN1 3” external gate downpipe. Used $400 OBO SOLD!!!

14) Full Throttle front timing cover. (Never used) $135 SOLD!!!

17) Billet thermostat housing w/ clamp and 160 degree t stat. Mounted but never used $45 SOLD!!!

18) Silicon S Hose. New never used. $25 SOLD!!!

Up for sale all my aftermarket and some stock parts that I purchased over the last 2 years mostly from full throttle for my 1986 GN build. Decided to go a different route with the drive train so all of these parts are now for sale. Parts were removed from boxes for inspection but never mounted for the ones that are new. All prices are without shipping. I am located in Chicago 60618 zip. You can send any payment thru PayPal (gift only) to andrewwrobel@comcast.net or cash during local pickup. Any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks
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Interested in accufab regulator and champion fuel rail for stock intake. Can I get a picture of the fuel rail.
Interested in the downpipe pending answers to a couple of questions. Is the wastegate the turbonetics version of the chinese version? Is there a boost controller with the sale?
Interested in the Precision front mount. Please PM me pictures of it and pipes along with cost for shipping to 03064. Thanks.
Racetronix fuel injector harnesswith hot wire relay. (Never used) $80 PM sent
I sent a PM on the racetronix injector harness at 9:40. I think I'm first. Still waiting on response.

I will get back to you all shortly and go in order for those who asked first for the parts. Busy at work.
Here is the pictures of the rails and regulator. Never mounted never had any type of fuel thru them on my end maybe at the factory for testing.


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