Bunch of OEM parts


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Helping a friend clean out a bunch of old OEM and performance parts. Most pieces were taken off of low-mileage cars in the 90's/2000's. All parts located in RI for local pickup, but will box and ship most parts. All prices are best offer and do not include shipping or any Paypal fees. Don't hesitate to ask any questions or make an offer, all the stuff has to go. I’m not a die-hard Buick guy, so if I am way off on something please have mercy; I’m not out to screw anyone. I combed through the classified here and on ebay to try and gauge pricing, but the search feature doesn’t like me. Can send clearer pictures of individual parts if needed. I travel for work all over CT, MA, RI and can deliver or meet up in these states during the week.


Excellent OEM Intercooler- 130
Near-mint OEM Intercooler with custom water-cooling conversion- 250
Peeling OEM Intercooler with excellent shroud- 300
Damaged OEM Intercooler (wall art)- 20


Pair OEM 86-87 Manifolds No cracks or repairs- 250
Pair OEM 86-87 Manifolds L manifold cracked- 125
Mint 86-87 Crossover tubes- 60 each
Hooker? 1.5" midlength headers with 2.5" Y-pipe (great shape, will need to find or fab up-pipe)- 300
Hooker? 1.5" midlength headers with 2.5" Y-pipe (no up-pipe, modified for external gates, some damage/repairs)- 200
Excellent OEM 86-87 Downpipes- 60 each
Excellent OEM 86-87 Downpipes with OEM catalytic converters-150 each
180º Twin-Turbo Stage 2 headers (1 pipe cut, good for flanges and tubes)- 100


Very Good condition OEM 87 GN headlight bezels 25525089/88 (small rub marks, not faded/warped includes OEM corner lenses)- 250
Very Good condition OEM 84 GN taillights with bezels (1 almost imperceivable crack in reverse lens, 2 cracks and tiny paint chips in the bezels)- 350
Near-mint headlight bulb trim bezels- 40/full set of 4
Near-mint OEM 87 GN Grille 25526612 (silver rivets, with lower filler panel)- 350
25526034 NOS under-grill filler panels- 50 each
Front marker lights and black metal trim (lights road-worn with small crack, trim very good)- 50
Mint 87 GN Bumperettes- 60
Mint GN Grey front seatbelt recepticles- 40
Accelerator pedal- 20
Various throttle cables- 20 each
Cruise Control actuator and cable- 50


Brand new ignition coil pack (Aftermarket? Have receipt from BG Customs 1994)- 100
1227148 ECMs (1 has unknown chip, 3 with no chip, will test all later this week)- 100 each
TB Vacuum block and lines- 50
NOS Un-ported bare Stage 2 heads- 800
TV Cables (2 different styles)- 30 each
Speedo Cable (upper and lower)- 40
Used OEM 86 GN Converter- 100
Used 2700rpm Non-lockup converter (M9640 only marking)- 100
Used Dynamic 9-11 Converter (Markings: 2004R, N10, 4250291, EXCH. 491, W4859891)- 100

Did you have the Syclone out last Sunday? Did we pass each other on rt.101?... Mike
Tv cable for 86-87
Throttle cable for 86-87
Can I get better pics of ends please
Price shipped to 40108
Will you sell me that CalPak chip separate from the ECM that's pictured?