Bunch Parts - Injectors, Alky Chip, Scanmaster, GNX Flares and more


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Jan 20, 2014
Here are a bunch of parts either recently removed from my car due to recent upgrades or that I had laying around.

All prices are plus shipping unless specified.

I'd prefer if you are going to make offers, you do it by private message.

1. Factory working fan just taken from my car to upgrade to dual fans. Worked perfectly. $50 + shipping.

2. AC Delco premium silicone 8mm wires. Bought from Kirban. On my car for 2-3 seasons, maybe 300 miles. $35 + shipping.

3. Turbo Tweak 42# Injectors with matching Alky Chip. $325 new. Sell for $225 + shipping.

4. Up-pipe drilled for single alky. Could use a scotch bright polish. $25 + shipping.

5. Double Console Pod. $20 shipped.

6. Scanmaster. $150 shipped?

7. Headlamp Bezels. Could use refinishing to be perfect. I had bought these for the side marker lights so this is what's left. I don't know if OE or after market. $75 shipped?

8. GNX-style Fender Flares w/rubber molding. They appear to be fiberglass. They are somewhat flexible but not a lot. They fit perfectly!!! I bought them, used some blue painter's tape to mock them up with my wheel & spacer idea I was trying but decided to stay as-is. They look great from 5 feet away but they could use a compound and polish. This is the condition I bought them in. I took as many pictures as I could to show the condition. I've only had these about a year. $275 + shipping.

9. I also have a nice 14" tapered K&N cone filter p/n RE-0820 3" diameter hole to your turbo pipe or MAF. 6" diameter at big end, 4 5/8" diameter at tapered end. 14" long. This is the filter you see sitting right after the MAF sensor in most engine compartments. I used it about 1 year then moved to a cold air kit. Has the usual rub on it from the AC lines, otherwise, like new. It costs $70 or more shipped new. I'll sell it for $50 shipped. If you need a pic, look up the p/n on Google.

Sorry but the CAS V4S Intercooler and my TA49 sold before I could even get the parts out of my trunk.

Pics and thank you. PayPal friends and family please.

fan.jpgwires.jpginjectors alky chip.jpgup pipe 1.jpgup pipe 2.jpgconsole pod.jpgscanmaster.jpgbezels1.jpgbezels2.jpgbezels3.jpg
#2 (wires) and #4 (up pipe) are sold. It's not letting me edit the original post.

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I'll do $110 shipped on the scanmaster. Anyone want it?

Tomorrow is my parts shipping day. Lol.

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Only the factory fan and the Injectors/chip combo are left.

Make me Friday offers. I'm listening.

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Still have a nice chip/injectors combo available. Has 2 or 3 driving seasons and maybe 300 miles on them. Worked perfect. Pix are in Post #1.
Turbo Tweak 42# Injectors with matching Alky Chip. $325 new. Reduced to $200+shipping? Or make me an offer.