Buy my crap! - New GM front cover and more!


runs with scissors
May 26, 2001
Brand new never used GM timing cover - $300 add $75 for a brand new GM oil filter adapter and oil pump. Times are hard so I can't afford to packrat this any longer. This is the ONLY brand new one that I have! (please, no lowball offers)

Oil cooler O-ring (goes between the filter adapter and the cooler adapter) $4 shipped

Adjustable Oil pressure regulator $20

ALDL cable with WinALDL and TurboMeter Pro scantools $25

Idler pulley bearing $10

Rocker shaft supports (set of 4) $35

Set of 12 factory valves. Intakes are ground and exhausts are ground and backcut 12* for extra flow. $25.00

more pictures when I make the sun come up tomorrow.