On the GTP I understand that the 2000+ air box was a big improvement over the previous years. Is it still worth the investment to install a complete CAI or would the gains be about the same for a drop in K&N? Thanks for any first hand experience in this area.
99+ have the redesigned airbox.
And yes, a good CAI box will net better gains than the stock box with a drop in K&N. Plus they sound cooler. :)
Thanks Mike, What did it take to get your GS to run 13.50's?
3.25" Pulley, 3" Exhaust w/ a Dynomax Ultraflow Muffler, 9" Cone, Removed the T/B screen, Nitto Drag Radials, and Eibach springs.
yes mike, i do believe i have seen a picture of a sweet GN lining up next to you at the track did ya beat him :)


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Hey Mike,
Are you going to be following me to the Corvette Forum next? ;)
LOL :) i plan on sticking to my GN, especially since the lil woman got me a GN helmet for racing that i cant use in something else :)

Originally posted by vinbags44
whats up Mike......this is Mike I's friend Vinnie from queens.........97 GTP..:D
Long time no see.. How's the car running?
Hey running good....i might be getting the headers soon....ill keep you posted..i see you bought a vette ha..nice!!! keep in touch......:D