Cam installation questions?


Jun 11, 2001
I have a few cam installation questions...

What kind of assebly lube should I get and where do I get it?

What kind of motor oil, Brand, weight, standards...
for installation, to soak lifters in and for actuall break in?

How do I measure endplay and shim to get it right?

I have a Comp Cams roller kit and cam button.

Also, what brand and where do I get an intake gasket?


Sorry to hear what happend. I think there is no break in period for a roller but i could be wrong. Sorry i cant be much help then that? How is your engine? Did you hurt anything?
No break-in. This was my first roller I have used and I just oil canned 10-30 on everything before I put the intake on. No problems! Prime the motor and rotate several times. Fire it up and usually hold it to 2k or so RPM's for about 2 minutes then idle it down. No need to soak the lifters.