cam question


May 27, 2001
I have a 206/206 roller with adjustable timing gears to advance or retard the cam. Can I retard the cam 4* to make it a 210/210?
Is that how it works or does it have to be degreed to stay at 206/206? I want a little more top end power.

Retarding the cam won't make it a 210/210 but it *may* give some more top end.
You'll just have to try it and see.

as far as the duration (in your case 206/206) and lift, they are ground into the cam and cant be changed (unless you regrind the cam). retarding the cam or advancing tend to alter when max cylinder pressures ocurr and how high they get, and can alter the powerband. I personally wouldn't mess with it... :cool:
almost forgot..

but yeah retarding the cam would most likely boost top end a little, like Radius Kid stated.
Retarding the cam will move the power band up slightly but will raise the rpm at which the power band starts and finishes. Advancing the cam on the other hand will lower the power band of the cam. Even if you degree your cam and find out it is straight up at 0 you will never know how your specific car combo will react until you do advance or retard it with real track or dyno numbers.
I actually run a 224 roller with 2 degree advanced to bring the power band down a a little. I've never run a before and after so I don't really know if it is helping or hurting. Just figured to advance it to increase cylinder pressure at a lower rpm.

In a perfect situation you should pick a cam and degree it straight up at 0.

Rule of thumb - If your car increases mph after retarding the cam then your combo needs a bigger cam. If your car increases mph after advancing the cam then you needs a smaller cam.