CAM Sensor Help!!!

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Feb 14, 2003
I have a question about the cam sensor procedures.

I have marked the balancer at 25` ATDC (1.45")

I found the compression stoke.

Where do I place the 25` ATDC (1.45") mark on the plastic timing tab? On the Vortex site it says "Turn the crankshaft on clockwise until this mark lines up with the pointer." Ok, which pointer? There are many pointers. A bunch of them on the left and only one on the right and it says 15`

Can someone please help me out?

Also when I probe the "B" terminal with my volt meter, it only reads like 4.5v instead of the 7.5v in the this a problem?
I'm not seeing anything where it says where to put the 25` ATDC mark....on the "0" point or what?
Remember its After top dead center not before. Common mistake. And the mark on the balancer will be visible when looking down.

The timing plastic piece the bottom of it will be marked "0"