cam sensor or crank sensor??


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I have a very noticable tapping or ticking noise.I put a screw driver to the cam sensor and I heard the tapping or ticking sound good and loud.On the outside when the car gets warmer the sounds is alot less noisy but still slightly can be heard even without a screwdriver test. One thing I want to know is since around 45mph and full throttle(17lbs boost) my car buckles and makes a strange somewhat like a intercooler hose that popped off.I am pretty sure that this ticking noise is related because my car has never done this before.Which controls the fuel at the right time,would it be the Crank sensor or the Cam sensor :confused:
Is that what most guys do, is to change one sensor at a time to see which one is faulty.There's no test that can be used to detect either cam sensor or crank sensor being the cause of my problems??
A failed crank sensor usually results in a no start condition. The crank sensor can make noise if the interrupter ring is making contact with that sensor. Rotate the engine over by hand one revolution and check to make sure that the crank sensor is not touching the interrupter ring at any point.

Cam sensors can get noisey with wear. If I were uncertain, I would replace the crank sensor first, its cheaper, about $30. If that didn't do it, consider the cam sensor (close to $100).

Don't be surprised if your parts store will not refund your money on an electrical part.
Thanks for your replies.My car always starts up with no problems at all so would that signal the crank sensor is ok???One thing i definately know is when this ticking sound started especially when just started, and is alot louder when cold temps outside.Well anyway my car at wide open throttle around 45 mph makes a real strange noise,almost like it is lacking fuel, or a missfire, or buckling sound and it has never done this before until the ticking sound started up.Thats why this ticking sound is probably the main problem .Although when the car warms up the ticking gets quieter but it is always there.Would the Cam sensor affect performance at wide open throttle and maximum load like my car is constantly doing:confused: