camaro conversion


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Aug 20, 2007
I was hoping someone might be able to help me figure out what mods will be needed to put a gn motor into a 1989 iroc ie wiring/mounts if i can keep my a/c and ease of conversion?
Do a search there are tons of info. The GN motor will fit with the a/c box, but it needs a custom downpipe to work.

This is what I can come up with of the top of my head:

1. wiring harness(splice the GN one or get a TTA harness).
2. Crossmember(the 200 doesn't have a tail to bolt the tq arm too).
3. Walbro 340 pump(it's not a mod, absolutely needed for this swap).
4. Vacuum block for TTA(GN's don't have vacuum brakes).
5. IIRC the V8 tach won't work right.
6. Sandwich style oil cooler(GN's are in the rad.)
7. Driveshaft for your application.
8. A 9 bolt rear minimum(I've owned 10 bolts before and they don't live behind the wimpy TPI motors, it'll die a spectacular death with the LC2 with good shoes)
9. A scanmaster (If you skimp on the pump and scan tool the swap is gonna cost you more)

What I would do is this:

Get a b.o.p. 700r4 bolt it to the lc2 using the stock crossmember, driveshaft and tq arm hookup. Set it on the crossmember and the lay the engine on the k member, mark and drill the k member for the Buick mounts. The 700 isn't gonna live stock, but built should handle it. It saves you the crossmember and driveshaft costs. A/c you're on your own.

This is my 2nd TTA and I can tell you anything over the stock dp size is a mutherfuka. A 3in downpipe in a TTA is like Michael Vick's a.s.s. is gonna be in prison. I wonder if he likes doggy style :rolleyes: That's best left for another thread.......

Ditch the A/C. I say this because, you're doing the swap most likely for performance reasons that being said I will not bring the car out if it's that hot anyway. The car runs like crap in that kinda heat..... You'll still need a custom dp but at least you dont have to run it through the fender or under the A arm.....

For any performance gain you'd want by doing the swap you'll need a chip, injectors, a walbro 340 and maybe a hotwire kit, as well as something to monitor it with(scanmaster/ directscan).

It's not cheap swap once your done, but once the turbo buick bites you it's very hard to keep from itching it...............:redface:
I have the motor mounts and tranny mount along with a wiring harness to do the conversion :cool:
thanks grumpy i will keep it in mind currently gathering all info and prices getting ready to start project once i figure out cost
Pete, what you need is a nice hot dog cart:D
I got in late i will cal you on sat.