Camshaft selection for my 79 Century (help)

Guys, my cam has a wiped lobe so I need to buy a cam. I'm not going to take it drag racing but would like it to have some pep if I get challenged at a stop light. Stock torque convertor, carb, and turbo. The only upgrades are 8445 heads, 1983 turbo Regal aluminum intake and turbo, 3.73 posi rear from SS Monte, and 2004R trans. I have some Summit bucks I want to use but selecting a turbo cam has me stumped. They offer a few for my 1979 model engine. Help me pick one. I hate to purchase the high dollar cam bearings from TA performance. I'd rather just buy stock replacements unless the TA Performance cam bearings are a must. I'd really rather have bottom end grunt


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This is not quite the answer you are looking for but I went with a roller cam. Frees up some power and won't wipe a lobe on modern oils. I'd check and see whatever the SFI/IC cars are using and go with that.
That is the cam I'll get then. I wish I could afford a roller. I keep zinc additives here for my small block Chevy cars with flat tappet cams anyway