can an 86 grill be re-chromed


May 25, 2001
Just asking if the chrome can be re-plated on an 86 grill. Is this a job a local chroming shop can do. Isnt the grill plastic?
thanks, Rich
Plastic...there are places that can do the vacuum plastic plating, tho...used to be one in Dallas.
Mr. G's rechromed plastics on elliot reeder road in fort worth. I don't know if they are still there (the epa may have shut them down) as I try to stay out of that area (unless I need to dump a body)

Do an intenet search, you are bound to turn up something.
yeah, I think Mr. G's is it..used to be advertised in Hemmings and elsewhere...think I saw a review on their work once.
You'll probably need to take a suitcase full of cash to pay for the work but they may take platinum cards.
Say you work for the EPA. They may cut you a deal to keep quiet.

There currently is a NOS 86 grill on E-bay with good chrome you may want to look at. It may save you some money.