Can I use this as a scan tool ?


I have an auto xray 4000 obd2 scan tool... they offer a obd1 add on software cable pack for 70 bucks... could I use this in place of a scanmaster to help tune my car ?
If you already have a scanmaster the extra money for the auto xray obd 1 option isn't going to gain you anything.
Well, I can only give my own personal experience/opinion on such matters. I used an OTC4000E for a couple years which is much the same as the one you have.
I found them to be bulky, slow, complex, and generally a huge pain.

You really can't beat the Scanmaster for a small, unobtrusive, convenient scan tool that can give you all the readings of the Xray.
Well I need cheap right now and 70 bucks seems better than 250 at the moment. I don't want to leave anything hooked up all the time just use it to tune and check on the car then unhook and go. I hope to put a audible knock sensor on it one day soon for monitoring that while driving to help prevent problems.