can someone please tell me about this turbo set up?


Oct 30, 2003
hello all, i saw a post a few months ago on the other list about a person that has a turbo that was built by him by one of the bigger turbo people (i have no idea who)

its a gt350 ex wheel , and a 60-1 compressor wheel that is in a factory compressor housing that was machined to make it all work.
this man pulled like 502 hp at the wheels with this turbo now thats a little more than i need at the wheels with a street driven buick that sees a track about once or twice a year but i do have the gt350 wheel already and was wondering about this turbo i thing gm high tech installed one like that on the old grey project but it was with the ball bearing option

is this a good unit spool up wise and what kind of power can i get on a stock rebuilt motor that has less than 12k miles on it

all stock but it does have forged pistons and a set of 30 lb injectors which im sure i will have to replace and i have the ford powerstroke intercooler on the car but am waiting for the turbo decision to be made before i get it all running

thank you all in advance
It depends on the trim of the T350 exhaust turbine, but the combination of a T350 (w/76 trim) and a 60-1 compressor is the same as a TA52 turbo.

Do a search for either a TA52 or TE52 for combinations, and/or look in the tech section of GN/TTYPE for some details.

Give me a call, I have some additional thoughts on the subject.

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