Cant find a "new" 84


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I've been looking to purchase another 84 to replace teh one I bought to restore. The one I have is just too far gone for my limited ability to restore.
I have been searching and searching for another 84. I was somewhat interested in one for sale here on the board, but never heard anything from the seller after a few emails back and forth. That one needed some work at $3500
Then I had one in TN that I was ready to drive down and get for $4500. It was in great shape, a lot of resto work done. That seller kinda flaked out on me. He still emails once in a while, saying he can't find his title, this that and the other thing. Whatever...
Now, just last night, I got outbid on a super nice, mostly original hardtop in KS. Yeah, I was willing to go to KS to get it. The seller was really cool to boot. Then last seconds of the auction I got outbid by $50!!! High bidder got it for $4600.
Somebody tell me I'm going to find a good 84 soon for the right price or I'm afraid I'll revert back to an 80/81 Z-28...which were really cool cars, but I've already had one. :D
Fireberd, you are probably right. I would't want you to sell yours anyway. It's probably one of the two best 84's I know of. Yours and TType84's definitely top my list of favorite 84's.

It's just frustrating. There are good ones out there for decent prices, but people either don't want to work with me or someone else beats me to the punch.

If I still had mine I would be more then happy to sell it to you! However I think its somewhere near the Delaware river in Camden....Good luck finding it.

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I usually find deals when I'm not looking for them. We happened to stumble across my dad's 30,000 mile 84 by accident but paid over $7,000 for it. It is one of the cleanest GNs I've ever seen. Too bad he put a stageII motor in it.
84 GN 104,000 miles

I have a 84 GN with the Lear Sigler interior,astroroof and G80 posi option.It has a new Spearco intercooler,rebuilt turbo through Postons and an adjustable wastegate.I have installed new door panel cloth and screw covers,new headliner,new dark tint job,custom "intercooled"dashplate.plugs,plug wires,fuel pump hotwire with a 8 gauge wire going to the pump,O2 sensor,coilpack,coolant temp sensor,KandN filter with cold air intake,fuel pump relay,etc.It is super fast and drives and shifts very well.The hood and trunk lid on top needs repainting.The sides,front end and rear end are very shiny.Interior is very nice with only a rip in the drivers seat on one edge.The leather inserts on all the seats look great.I have put over $2500 in this car within the past 6 months.Also,A/C is disconnected but I have it all.Everything works on the car otherwise.I have only owned it 6 months!I am the third owner.This car came out of El Paso texas.It doesnt have a stich of rust anywhere and has never been driven in the snow!I can e-mail pics if interested.Anything over $4500 I will consider.Make me an offer I cant refuse!
Why are you looking to sell? Where in VA are you located? Send me some many as you can. If you would send the VIN too and maybe a shot of the RPO sticker. Let's see what we got here.
Hey man,I just joined today and they wont let me post pics.Otherwise I would have.I live in lower VA,like on the NC/VA line.The sticker under the trunk lid is there but I dont have a pic of it,but can get you one.Dont know if I want to sell,money talks!
I have twin boys and need to buy them some outside toys for the summer.Got 20 acres of land and not one swing set anywhere!No,seriously.I wasnt looking to sell it,but I would consider it.Otherwise I would have put the car in the for sale section.Just found this place and been cruising **************** all this time!I like this place much better!
RAMAIR1- Are you going to be parting out the 84 you have now?? I also purchased mine in very bad shape.I'm gonna need a bunch of interior and exterior parts.....
I am going to try to sell it whole first, but I have my doubts that anyone is going to want it for what I will have to sell it for. It's going to need someone who is handy with a torch because it needs the floor pans replaced. The car does have potential, but it's going to take time and $$$.
If that doesn't work I will be parting it out, probably slowly. RaceMyBuick has also expressed interest in some of the parts, so he will get first dibs.
Either way, I am going to hold onto the car until I find a replacement of some sort. It would be kind of dumb to sell it, buy something else and find that it needs something I could have pulled off the car I just sold...
I'm here just messing around so I fired off the pics he sent me. Nice looking ride. Might have been worth my time to piss and moan like a little girl here...:D
Congrats on the new goal was to get an 86/7 but money would not allow it so I "settled" for the 84, though I am suprisingly very happy with it even tho its so slow and had sooo many problems and is sooo much more difficult to work on, etc i love hotairs:rolleyes:
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Congrats on the new purchase....
Thanks, I'm psyched....I finally have a TR that I can drive. Now I just hope I can sell the 84. I REALLY don't want to part it out, it was just too nice of a car. TOTALLY loaded! Just too much rust for my (lack of) knowledge and skill. i love hotairs:rolleyes:
Me too...funny thing is I almost feel like I settled on the 86 :eek: I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is just something extra special about an 84 Grand National.