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I'm way behind the curve on alky injection, but tuning my car for the Calif 91 octane is just too depressing. Did a seach on 'alky' and 'smog' and only came up with this one old post that nobody ever answered. My car is daily driven and passes CA smog every 2 years. All of my mods are either invisible to the smog police or can be easily converted back to stock-appearing. Is alcohol injection viable for me?
Hi Dan,
(Chris your neighbor from Irvine)

Since you convert your motor and any add-ons back to stock for the smog test, your best bet is to buy an additional up-pipe; one for alchy and one for the smog test. It's probably not worth trying to explain an alchy system to smog technicians and risk them not passing you for the visual exceptions. I'm sure there are guys running alchy in Cal. and get thru the smog test by "alternate methods". Let me know if you want to look at my install.
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Get a 2nd up pipe like was suggested, and use your overflow bowl for an alky tank. Just put green food coloring in the mix and all should be fine:cool:

Then all you have to do is unclip the pump and lines for the inspection
I would think it would pass any way if it was turned off. Just say it’s for "off road use only". Heck you can pass with a nitrous kit on as long as its not functioning correct? But if your worried thats a great idea that blackbuick87 has. :D