cant get to EGR valve bolt to remove it?


Breaking parts
May 28, 2001
im trying to put a new EGR valve in my car but cant seem to get to that bolt that is holding it down?? is there any trick to it it looks like a 1/2" but i cnat get a ratchet or open end on it. do i have to remove the valve covers to get to it or somertnig? thanks this is an 86 engine too.
Remove the part that vacuum lines go into, by the firewall.
I it is 13mm or 14mm and a open end should do the trick.
i just noticed something is there supposed to be a gasket for the egr valve when i oput it back on?? or is it just metal to metal?? thanks for the help too
There is a gasket.
You may be able to reuse your old one if it isn't torn up. Just put a thin coat of high temp O2 safe RTV on both sides of the gasket.

To romove the nut, I use a vicegrip to lock on to the 13mm nut and just twist the vice grip a 1/4 turn. Then you should be able to finish it by hand.

I always just use the open end 13 mm...catch at a bit of an angle...if the bolt is not frozen, it should come out fairly easily.