Car Blowing White Smoke?


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My car has been blowing a steady flow of white smoke recently. My turbo was leaking oil so I figured it was just that. I replace my turbo this weekend and although the turbo is a lot better the smoke still remains. I am guessing now that I have a bad gasket but not sure which one (valve, exhaust manifold), would cause the leak. I have not been hard on my car so I don't think its a head gasket but I guess anything is possible.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

If you already replaced the turbo and you still have the white smoke, then just as rastaz stated: head gasket.

Good luck.

If it is a head gasket, the car will not hold any boost once you go WOT, it will sputter and break up, since you losing if you think it is a head gasket, go out and beat on the car a little to see the results.

I actually went and drove the car after I installed the turbo and power plate and there was nothing wrong with the power delivery. Actually, the car was stronger than before due to the new turbo with was the same size as before (TA49).