Car cover

Anybody have a car cover they want to part with? My car is sitting with one that is way too short all around on it...

Thanks for looking :)
I have had a few "California car covers" They last about 18-20 months in the heavy duty Florida sun. I suggest the tan color with the side mirrors custom made. I think the last one I got was $120-130. NOt cheap but a nice cover.
Thank you for the info!

The car is inside for the winter... I am mostly looking for something to keep some dust off of it. And where it is sitting, it occasionally has some people (and a few kids) walking past it.... Just need a cover thats a little thicker than a piece of junk one to keep it from getting scratched too (really my main concern).

Just posted to see if someone had an old one they didn't use, or wanted to part with to get new one, etc...