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Oct 30, 2001
Anybody else use em? what brands/fabrics, I had a very bad experience with the NOAH fabric on my SS, 5 days in sun and rain and the finish resembles carbon fiber, the entire car looks like this...trying to get the d??m att to work. OK can't or I'm having a brain fart (again) I can E-mail the pics if you wanna see. Fortunately, covercraft is being very helpful, and will detail i.e. Buff the car out, and replace the cover with something else. I used technalon for years, should stayed with it, but now looking
@ Sunbrella, expensive, but seems to be the most logical choice (other than a garage)
I had that carbon fiber look on parts of my old 86 GN. That cover was a Tyvex fabric, which is a lightweight white color fabric. It was caused from the wind flapping the cover against the car. I now use a Wolf brand cover made from the Evolution 4 fabric. I have not had the carbon fiber look problem with this cover.


Prior to this, I always bought Technalon, which was,and still is Evolution material, only it used to be Evo3, now Evo4. No complaints, the one on my T/R is one I bought new back in '92, for my '87 442 (miss that car...<sniff>...lots of cars over the years I wish I kept, but.... sell one to get another<grin>. They are working with me to resolve the situation. just gotta send the other one back NOAH=NOT! They recommended the Sunbrella for UV protection, although not as water repellant as Technalon or Weathershield , they said it was better suited for our climate
I've always used the Covercraft Technalon covers. They usually last me about 1 to 1-1/2 years out in the weather, my cats seem to enjoy them also. BTW, Pacific Motoring Accessories on Sand Island Road sells them for about the same price as mail order, they also make the little pocket for the T header panel ornament at no extra charge. :cool:

Yeah, I should've stuck with Tech from the beginning, but I heard so much positive about the NOAH. Dave@ Pacific Motoring Accessories is really helpful, and he does the mirror pocket/hood ornament thing free of charge. Only problem now is I need three estimates for the detailing to send to Covercraft for the return authorization/Replacement/Upgrade of the cover. If I can get them to upgrade to the premium material @ no extra cost (or slight cost), good for me and I'll probably still order a technalon later on. I know of two good shops that will do estimates for me; Bannister Auto Body and Kilani Fender. Anyone got suggestions for another? someone who will do the estimate in writing and do quality work.
I used to buy the technalon but got tired of replacing 'em after a year and a half or so (right, Kenne-Bill?). Finally I said FVCK the tech, it turns into POWDER after a while and gets all over the place, eventually falling apart. The so-called-material tears/rips too easily.

I've had my Sunbrella cover for over a year and a half and it still looks new. A friend at work has had his Sunbrella for over TEN years and maybe its a little faded/elastic worn out but one Sunbrella vs. 5 Tech.' the math, I did.........FVCK the technalon.

OK, youre right on the part about falling apart, I just chucked one that was the one that came with my car ('84 SS) it was ok while the car was inside, but considering the covers' 15+years old...Landfill material now...So I go with the sunbrella, what color?
I got mine from David at Pacific Motoring Accessories and he told me that the blue ones seem to last the longest for some reason...the material is "sail cloth" from them sail boats. BTW, of course, I got a blue one.
Hmm? getting interesting

Pacific Motoring Accessories is where you get the car covers form? How do they fit and how much do they run?
My car is parked outside(no garage), how well would the Sunbrella stand up to the elements when compared to the Technalon as far as cover life is concerned? Terry, I assume that your friends 10 year old cover is being used under a garage?
My GMC Truck's cover cost me over $325.00 and if you're gonna use it outside A LOT, buy it! I've used it OUTSIDE at work EVERY day for over 1.5 years and I've noticed that the elastic is starting to stretch....*yawn*. I believe the elastic is a free replacement item but ya gotta leave it for the seamstress a few days.

If any of you are considering one of these but "can't" afford it, BVLL****! You can WASTE money on heads, intercoolers, turbos but only spend a hundred bucks for a *gag* technalon or evolution ford flabric...gimme a break! :D
Sh!t I can't believe the amount of posts I've put up in one sitting!

KB: My friend's cover is on his truck outside every day at work BTW.
since your gonna shell out the bucks...try to get a custom fitting one especially if your gonna use it covers that are universal fit tend to lift and move around more when wind bothers it thus dust is able to get under and scatch the paint when the cover shifts.... the cover i bought for my stang is a weathershield custom cover. antenna has to be removed or flush with the body to install...i also use a ratcheting rope to tie down the sides of the making it nice and snug to the body of the car...

im happy with the car cover...completely waterproof...when it rains i can see it bead up and just run right off...taking it looks exactly how i left it....youll also learn how to roll take off and install your cover in seconds....putting in on in wind is kinda tricky...
I know you guys are gonna ask "why ids this thread back?" Actually, I am still going thru claims process with Covercraft Industries <sigh> and now it seems that their Product liability insurance carrier is "passing the buck" claiming it's the material manufacturer's fault (so much for backing the product) So now I am waiting to hear from Kimberly-Clark, as well as Covercraft Industries and CHUBB insurance group. I also spoke with my insurance agent, and she said I can go thru them if I really want to, but the value of the car vs. the cost to refinish.... well, you know how that goes <sigh>

Frustrated Robert
Hey... there's nothing wrong with being an Aiea grad:D If there are enough people, I know David ,and maybe he could get us a group purchase. I need a new cover also.
I've done business with him before, cool guy. But, dont buy the NOAH! (i believe this has already been established) I will wait to buy a new one as they (covercraft) have neither refunded my money, or paid for the damages to my car:mad: the cover was only 5 months old, and it made me sick to my stomach to see the car the way it is now, especially after all that work for the toys for tots cruise. I am trying to find out if the Sunbrella material is also made by kimberly-clark.