Car died w/o warning


I have been in the process of trying to figure out my sputtering/choking/loading problem for quite some time now. I ran low on fuel a couple of months ago and it seemed to start from then on. At first, the car would run good until about 10min after driving, then it would sputter upon acceleration. As weeks went by it continued to get worse so...

Since then I have replaced:

fuel pump
fuel filter
bg flushed entire fuel system
ignition control module
3.5" LS1 MAF

After replacing the above it seemed to run better, but not like it used to before running low on fuel. Now it would sputter/choke/load up for 8-10 min after leaving for work in the morning, then seem to clear up. I am still trying to figure out this problem. Any suggestions???

Last weekend I replaced my oil pan gasket. I drove it to work monday and the car died a couple blocks from home after work. It cranks and cranks but won't turn over. I can hear the fuel pump turning on. I installed:

new coil pack
idle air control valve

What is wrong w/my car???

Crank sensor. When it goes, nothing goes.

Cam position sensor will fail, car will go into limp home, then when you shut down it will not restart.

Check to make sure the Crank sensor is not touching the reluctor ring on the back of the crank pulley.
Will check into these suggestions.

What would be the likelihood of the problem coming from the ECM?