Car froze up. Water in the oil?


Ok heres the deal. 1987 grand national 89,000 miles just bought it off a guy. There was just water in it. No antifreeze. Car froze up. Now there is a lot of water in the oil. Water and oil is leaking out on the floor from the rear main seal. :( Block cracked? Heads cracked? Water pump cracked? All of the above? Should I just take it all apart and head to the machine shop? :frown: Car does still run and the compression is good. No water runing out anywhere I can see. Just into the engine as far as I know. Any ideas on what to do?
Sorry to hear about that. 1st thing, don't run it any more. I guess I would pull it out, and start pulling it apart till I found the crack. I would hope the freeze plugs would protect the block. I hope it turns out better than what it sounds. Good luck. Danny