Car is buckin like a Bronco



O.K here's my problem. My car seems to stutter or buck when I press on the gas. It only happens when the rpms are at 1000 to 1700 rpms. So for instance, I could be cruising at 35 mph and when I press on the accelarator, the car sputters and keeps bucking. But when I press on the gas harder and the boost comes on, then the car stops bucking and is fine. This doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes after driving the car for a while the problem goes away.

What I have done was changed the coil pack, spark plugs, and wires. I really don't know what it could be. Also, their is no backfiring, just a sort of sputtering.

Please help
How about checking to see if there is a flat spot or glitch in your TPS? How's the fuel pressure?
Believe it of not, your car isn't designed to work at 1000 - 1700 RPM's. It sounds like the TCC is locked up and it doesn't unlock until you mash the gas.
Good point.

You may check with a scan tool to see if you TCC is not diengaging late or too early. Should only work on a staedy cruise in 3rd or 4th gear.

Sounds just like the problem I had a couple years back.
It ended up being a bad cam sensor cap.
It's easy enough to confirm, when its acting up pull over and disconnect the harness with the car still running and see if it clears up.

mine was a bad cam sensor, i replaced the whole thing, good as new if not better :)
i had the same problem a few years ago, i thought it was the tps, and if i adjested it the car would run great until i turned it off, the next time i drove the car it would do the exact same thing, it would work in open loop, but when it hit closed loop it would get to about 1200 rpm then buck, almost like it was turning of and on the ignition, and at about 2000 rpm it would take off like a bat outa hell, ended up being a crank sensor, go figure, adjust the tps and it works and it ended up being the crank sensor, i can't say i figured it out , but a knowlageable TR guy helped me out good luck
Grant J Famrer
Thanks guys. I look into your suggestions. You know, my fuel pressure guage is broken so I'll get a new one and start there. I'll let you guys know what happens.
i had a similar problem when i put my stret chip back in my car the only diff was i put in new 2800 stall. i went back to my ultra chip and every thing was fine which leads me to believe it was torque converter lock up.hope this helps.
get a scan tool!!!!
How do you disconnect the cam sensor cap?? My car is doing something very similar and I don't have much left to check. This sounds like something that I could also check. Thanks