Car meet in Irving @ UTI on Saturday Oct. 1st

I am. Waiting for the machine shop to get finished with my parts and put the motor back in. Should be done in plenty of time. I'll need Geoff to come work his detailing magic on it for me.
He is right around the corner from you now he works works at Platinum Collision there in Forney. He does a hellva job!
I heard a couple other turbo regal guys were planning on showing up. I have to work. Take plenty of pix. I'd love to see em.

After checking out the link I see it is at night. Gonna try to make it out after my day time activities. Sez they have a thousand parking spots and expecting 300-500 cars. Is this accurate?
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Had a great turn out. I don't think I've seen that many turbo regals in one place in twenty years . Great to see some old friends and meet some new. We had a great time. Looking forward to the next gtg.

Very nice turn out. Would love to get a group together to caravan up there soon. Maybe we could double that number.(y)
Holy smokes! I wish I had been able to attend this event! David, do you mind if I use your photos for our FB page?