Car on eBay

I think there are a 1000 other GN's for sale with clean titles. No need to waste ur time with a salvage title car when there are plenty GNs available for the same price with clean ones
I'm looking for one in the 10,000 price range if you know of a person trying to sell one....
Price is way too high with salvage.

I really like the stock black wheels though.
The black rims are the most hideous thing i have seen on a GN Evar. If anyone else does this--i will punch you in the face!;)
Not really--but that is ugly.
I really agree with you that looks so bad...... Almost like there where trying to hide something.....
hey just wait for a good one, plenty of nice ones come through this forum. look im still waiting and saving for one.
What would be a fair price on that car? I have a black 99 Mustang GT to trade with it. He offered 4500 for my car. Just curious?
GN SS not to change the subject on here

GN SS not to change the subject on here but I love the CARS GN how did you do that? I love that, and always thought the car on the movie always did look like a green GN. Very cool just thought I would share!:)
jretrodude -

I always thought "Chick" should be a Grand National with his ****ty attitude:p

I just changed some stuff using photoshop. Glad you like it.
I was interested in that car too before buying mine. The picture of the hood scared me away. The paint looks really bad in that pic for some reason. Look at the reflection of the overhead lights.
Whole car needs to be painted! I hate when people paint the whole undersides of cars! This car is on craigslist everywhere.