Car still running oddly...



Okay guys, i bought new plugs that will be going in my motor sometime this week along with a fuel filter.

I pulled a plug today just to take a look and they looked pretty clean... almost TOO clean. I think the car may be running lean. Would this cause me not to be able to make more than 10lbs of boost? It also tries to die off idle sometimes. Then sometimes it runs great with a slightly ruff idle. It has decided that it wont do more than 10lbs of boost come hell or high water though.

I think the 02 is okay, but can someone give me an idea of what the Mv reading should be at idle from it so i can meter it?

The car started doing the wierd boost thing before i put the marvel mystery oil in btw, and i am on a fresh tank of gas right now.

I also bought a fuel pressure gauge so i can see if im running out of pressure under boost!

Thanks guys -Evan
you'll want to use delco cr43ts plugs in your car.if you asked the guy at the counter you probably didn't get them:).

as for the mv reading at idle it should bounce around.not much help,i know,:).they only stabilize at higher rpms.

it sounds to me like you might want to clean your iac and reset it.

that should help:).

Sean, that quote sounds familiar. Suicidal tendencies perhaps?

Thanks for the help bud, i printed both of those things out and will try to adjust. I dont have turbolink or any of that stuff, so me thinks its time to do the ecu swap. Non diagnostic capable stuff sucks.