carb adapter 86-87 lower intake manifold

I'm looking for a carb adapter then will mate to the 86-87 SFI lower intake manifold. The goal is to use a pre 81 carb and distributor to break in my 109 motor on an engine run stand. Posted here, thinking someone may know the size of the carb adapter I need t make it mount up.

Not sure if this will fit under the Buick hood, but here is a picture of a version with 1" mr gasket adapter and a 5 mm aluminum plate under it to adapt the bolt patterns.
I haven't tested it yet, but hopefully the 5 mm plate is strong enough there. ...we'll see.

with 1979 Regal, the lower intake and the stock 79 distributor seems to cause a bit of clearance issues (second pic)
Basically I need to get the intake moving forward a few mm. So would need a smaller diameter distributor or need to cut the intake from couple of locations.

(let's see if I managed to get the pictures attached here)


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Big HEI distributor caps always are very close to the intake. My distributor is not cut down and fits with Smokey Yunick's Weiand intake, I only remove one of the four cap locks to make it all work right and fit while having adjustment.