Carb question?


1982 Regal 4.1
Sep 20, 2001
On my 1982 Regal with the 4.1 and 4bbl I can't get to back 2, the big ones to open. Does anyone have any ideas as to way?
Well, it depends what exactly you are referring to... If you are reving it in neutral while watching them, you _shouldn't_ ever see them open then. They are supposed to only open under load. the only way i have really seen to try and tell if they are opening, especially if you're not really familar with the vehicle, is to wire the secondary linkage shut, so it is for sure _not_ opening, drive it (hard of course ;) and then remove the wire, and see if it behaves differently. The secondaries (at least mine were) are also more likely to be crudded up if they haven't been opening properly.... Hope this helps! :D
There are two set of "big ones" a.k.a secondaries. The air valves (upper butterflies) should easily open when you press on them with your finger and return close. Normally they are sucked open by the engine vacuum. They tend to bind up sometimes and not open/close.

The throttle plates (lower butterflies) sometimes don't open because a linkage stop on the passenger side prevents it (when cold?). But if you work the linkages by hand, you should see a "pointer" on the driver's side of the throttle shaft move from 12:00 to 3:00. If it doesn't, try unhooking the throttle cable and TV cable and then see if it opens. Two of my cars had the wrong cables which kept the secondaries from opening.